Watch Our Registration and Application Overview Video


Step 1: Register for Service


Applicants can click the link below to register with the Community Lab Testing Program. Once registered, you will be able to submit your application for services.

This short application will collect contact information, and some demographic information which we are required to collect as a nonprofit organization. It will also collect information on what tests you would like to order.

Currently, anyone residing in the US is eligible for this program, except individuals residing in the states of New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Maryland. This is because of state laws preventing us from operating in those states. Click the "register" button to the right to get started.



Step 2: Get Tested


Find your local testing center


After we get your labs ordered, our support staff will direct you to the closest testing center available to you. You will then go to your testing center and be served by knowledgeable lab technicians who will get you in and out and on to better things.

Want to Check Testing Sites Near You?

Visit our lab ordering partner, Grassroots Labs, to search for testing centers in your area, by zip code.


Step 3: Get Your Results


After your tests are performed, results are normally delivered in 2-3 business days, although for some tests, results can take longer to receive. We would like to remind participants that they are encouraged to not try and interpret their lab results on their own, but with the doctor of their choice. Health decisions based on laboratory tests should only be made in partnership with a physician.

To get access to your results, you will be sent a link to download them securely onto your computer, after which you can print them out and take them to your doctor. We can also make arrangements to send your results directly to your doctor.


Your Done!


Our Partners


Community Lab Testing has partnered with Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) lab testing platform Grassroots Labs and the national laboratory Quest Diagnostics to provide program participants with discounted labs.

The Grassroots Labs online platform allows individuals, community organizations, and businesses to access affordable laboratory testing services, online, and without a doctors order. Quest Diagnostics is the largest national laboratory in the United States and has thousands of testing locations across the nation.